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ServersCheck V5.11.2

Windows XP Professional

Sensor ST6105J

Agent v1.0.0.11

Ports 1272 and 1274 open on network.

I have connected everything as per the End-User Manual but still get teh error message in the subject line.

Any ideas - other than me missing the obvious.



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    What sensor have you configured in the agent?

    When you browse to the computer having the agent and sensor installed, what do you see in the HTML page? (so http://<ip>:1274)
  • Here's the text from the http://<ip>:1274

    Sample Server Room

    Sensor ST6105J (COM1) - reading results on # Fri Nov 25 09:19:26 2005 :

    Error: °C Timed °F

    Above sensor readings generated on Fri Nov 25 09:19:30 2005

    Next refresh in 54 seconds
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    And the sensor is connected on the COM1 port?

    Can you try following: Connect sensor on COM1 of the computer running ServersCheck and define a rule as such. Let me know if that works.
  • We have 5 sensors. I have in the past, tested all of them on the machine running ServersCheck and all return correct results. When connected to COM1 on the remote machine that I'm using for testing they give the result in my previous post.
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    OK then we need to determine if either the Sensor Agent is causing an issue or your COM1 port on the remote machines.

    To do this, could you please install on one of the remote machines a copy of the ServersCheck Software and then attach there the temperature sensor. If it works on that remote machine then we need to focus on tracking down the issue with the Sensor Agent.
  • Done this and it works fine on the remote machine. I guess it's something to do with the agent??
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    Can you double click on the s-agents.exe and email the window output to support at

    You will get a default reply but don't worry we will read your email.
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