USB-RS232 converter

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I'd like to know if I can connect flood sensors to servers using a USB-Serial port converter like these.these

Many thanks


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    Unfortunately we are not familiar with that device.

    I will forward it to development. I can't give a promise on when R&D will do look into it (although I find it a very good idea)
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    Dear Sir,

    Starting from tomorrow we will support the temperature, humidity and power sensor via USB by using the

    DIGITUS USB 2.0 TO RS232

    This was tested and confirmed working for the sensors.

    The DIGITUS serial adapter will be offered for sale as of tomorrow through our website.

  • PhilHPhilH
    Many thanks for this. It solves a problem for me and I'm sure will solve the same problem for others in the future. I have checked the website and can't see a way to purchase these individually (without sensors). I purchased the sensors a while ago and only need the converters now. Can they be purchased separately please?

    Many thanks
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    You can order it through our website as follows:

    Go through the sensor wizard, then unselect the sensor and just keep the USB converter selected. Click the submit button.

    Quantities can be modified in the checkout screen where you enter your personal details.

  • PhilHPhilH
    Many thanks
  • PhilHPhilH
    How about a couple of freebies then?? The ones you used to do the testing on will do!!!
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    If we need to support these devices then we need to have them on hand in our support departement and development departement.
  • OK I have my USB/Serial devices. One more question though.

    The driver disk doesn't contain anything specifically for Windows Server 2003. Are there any issues here?

    Have you tested in a 2003 environment?


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    It has been indeed tested on Windows 2000, XP and 2003

    Install the drivers from the CD and then plug in the USB to Serial Device server and that's it.
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