Not receiving emails.

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Just installed ServiceCheck on Server running win2003. We are using a temp. sensor and it is working good. But when it fails I am not getting an email. Is there something that needs to be installed on Server to send the emails to our email server????

When I run the config utility for emails when I start service check the program locks and I need to restart it.

Please advise...

Thank You



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    Dear Sir,

    I sent an email to you as I would need some information via email to get a picture on what you mean regarding locking.

    Also what edition version do you have installed? Freeware, Professional and Enterprise and what version (6.1.?)
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    The issue has been resolved.

    Emails could not be received due to McAfee Anti-virus installed on same computer with in the Advanced settings the option set "block all communications on port 25"

    As port 25 is the protocol for sending out emails, the email alerts were being blocked by McAfee. Disabling the option in McAfee resulted in email alerts being sent.
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