problem with serverscheck agent

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I have problem with servers check agent for monitoring temperature which is behind firewall. Port 1274 is allowed. When I wrote link http://IP adress where is agent installed:1274 all is ok:

Sensor ST6105J (COM2) - reading results on # Thu Mar 2 09:51:55 2006 :

19.5 °C 67.1 °F

..And i saw current temperature but if I start new monitoring rule in serverscheck for monitoring temperature and then I click to Test setting serverscheck wrote me: Could not connect to agent on agent`s ip adress.


1.agents port is allowed

2.all setting in agent side is correct (com port, device..etc)

program version: 5.12.0

temperature sensor:ST6105J

Please help me wit this problem. Thanks


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    What are the settings for the rule?

    IP address filled in? device server field inactive? com port filled in?
  • safosafo
    Yup agent`s IP adress,com port filled in I post picture from temperature rule settings. Please check this link:
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Open the serverscheck.conf file with notepad.

    In the rule for your power it should say


    Do you have an entry like that?
  • safosafo
    I check serverscheck.conf file and data in temperature rule are same with data in serverscheck.conf

    TEMPERATURE|X|TEMPERATURE|X|3|X|30|X||X||X||X|true|X|true|X|lt|X|30|X||X||X||X|ST6105C<X>COM2<X><X>|X||X|98|X|yes|X|30|X||X||X|On each status change|X|OSCS|X||X||X|TEPLOTA SERVEROVNÍ|X||X|<X>|X||X|yes|X|<X><X><X>|X|<X><X>|X||X||X||X||X||X|yes|X|

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Setting seems to be correct

    Are you sure that the service running the Monitoring Software has access to that remote machine?

    You could for example define a URL check to verify this

  • safosafo
    I check it and no problem I have access on remote machine`s port 1274 ...Please check this link:
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Can you please create a URL check and verify if that works. Depending on your network topology it might be that in some situations (especially MS networks) that firewalls are based on user identifcation and a service runs by default under local system account.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Also if possible then please upgrade to the latest version (6.1.4)
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