Help reading water leak sensors in Orion?

edited July 2017 in InfraSensing Sensors
Our water leak sensors are working fine, I can use snmp to return the text values "WET" or "DRY", however, I'm having a difficult time using these values in SolarWinds' Orion. Orion seems to be more oriented to using numeric values (like a 0 or 1 in this case). Has anyone here used these water sensors with Orion and had it display the wet/dry condition on an Orion webpage? If so, how did you go about setting this up? I do currently have a custom poller set up that'll read the values, it's just that Orion doesn't seem to have anything out-of-the-box that can interpret or use a text value returned from snmp and display that in their default device 'summary' page.

Thanks! -Mike


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