Problem with power sensor.

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ServersCheck Monitoring Software - STANDARD Edition - version 6.2.1

Windows XP Professional SP2

Ports 1272 and 1274 open on network.

Sensor SP6400J

Just installed ServiceCheck on PC running win XP SP2. I'm using a temperature sensor (ST6105J connected to COM1) and it is working good.

But when I connect power sensor (SP6400J connected to COM1) and I test it, the result is:

with power supply:

Stato: DOWN?

Errore ritornato: POWER_BIT PWR_OK

without power supply:

Stato: DOWN?

Errore ritornato: POWER_BIT PWR_FAIL

(sorry for label in italian language).

The problem is that status is "DOWN?" (with question mark), and servercheck send me a e-mail of alert. But error code returned is not an error, because "POWER_BIT PWR_OK" means that power is ok!!

Any help or any ideas for this problem?


best regards.


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    The ServersCheck Power Sensor verifies the power coming from the power supply.

    If there is no power supply, then it goes to DOWN? (with error POWER_BIT PWR_FAIL)

    DOWN? with a question mark never sends an alert. Only when the status is DOWN without question mark, then the alert is sent. (depending of course of the alert level set)
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    Hi administrator.

    I know that power sensor verifies the power coming from the power supply :-)

    My problem is that when power supply (correctly connected to power network - 220V 50Hz - and the power network is ok) is connected to power detector connector of sensor, the status of sensor is "DOWN?" (I'm waiting for "UP") and the error code is "POWER_BIT PWR_OK".

    Then, when power supply is disconnected from power network the status is again "DOWN?" with question mark (I'm waiting for "DOWN" without question mark) and the error code is "POWER_BIT PWR_FAIL".

    Why with power supply correctly connected to network and to sensor the status of sensor is "DOWN?" ?

    I'm confused! Can you help me, please?

    I put here report of servercheck.

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    Can you verify that you have the latest build? (simply run the update.exe in your main ServersCheck directory)

    The older firmware would return PWR OK as values and the newer firmware returns PWR_OK.

    This has been solved in a new build of the monitoring_rule.exe

    You can also directly download it here (so that you don't have to download all the rest):
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    Hi Administrator.

    My ServerCheck is freeware edition - max 3 monitoring rules - version 6.2.1.

    In servercheck directory ("C:ProgrammiServersCheck_Monitoring") I can't found update.exe.

    Then I have download monitoring_rule.exe directly from your link. Now power sensor return code is "PWR OK" and Status is "OK". Now all working good.

    I thank you for fast help.

    Regard, Nicola.
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