Sensors toggling from online to offline and back

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Looks like we are seeing the issue again with sensors bouncing from online to offline and back on again. All of the sensors are not losing communication and continue to log data.

Only concern is the auditors get freaked out when they log on and see that it shows offline. Hoping someone can fix this again as it happened in the past and was resolved.


  • I added the 8port expansion hub and the sensors I added after that do this on then off then on thing. I have Firmware 7.41

    I hope ServersCheck Support has a solution.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Our engineering team is working with Amazon on identifying the issue as it does not appear to affect all users.
  • rtarta
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    Thanks if it's helpful I could send you my read only url to see what I mean. I sent an email to with my read only url.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    The issue should be resolved now. We use many servers in load balancing for the cloud and one of the servers was identified as causing the issue.
  • rtarta
    It's still a problem
  • rtarta
    It might have something to do with my sensorhub. Because after that it went weird like this where the chart shows Temp sensors dropping from normal 65 degrees to 0 then back up. And power fail sensors showing constant on and of and on and off.
  • rtarta
    This chart does not reflect the real status of my power. It has not been going off and on like it shows and my gateway's Sensor Status shows it's fine.
    power fail chart
  • adminadmin
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    it is due to the way the graphing engine works as for free accounts the data collection is only once every 5 minutes. If sending of data from Sensorgateway and that interval don't match then you get that drop. A different graphing engine is in the works for free accounts.
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