JSON API reference?

Is there a reference available for the JSON API?

I see the information in the manual but certain fields, such as "unit_type": [3,16], and "probe_type": 0, are a bit cryptic and I'd rather not have to resort to reverse-engineering the values.

Specifically I need to know the sensor type (temp, humid, etc) and the configured units (C, F) so we can harvest the values with confidence.



  • Hi Steve,

    This might help you as a guide which I find in their website.
  • SteveUSteveU
    Thanks Char,

    Unfortunately, that's all I have already.

    These JSON URLS are quite handy for retrieving JSON data about the sensors

    What we need help with is interpreting the results....
  • broome_garybroome_gary
    +1. They really need to publish a JSON schema for this.
  • PocholloPochollo
    it is indicated on the "probe list" what sensors are connected on the gateway, it also has a probe ID in which you would see the current value of the sensor over "probe update".
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