Email Not working

Just purchased a Temperature Sensor & Gateway (Hardware Version: Release 5.1 Firmware Version: Release 7.41 Build Date: Nov 23 2017), I can't get the email to work. I have tried our own Exchange server, an external mail service we use, gmail and the servescheck email. All of them fail with "Test email can't be sent". We have many devices that send email and don't have any problems setting them up. Please advise.


  • PocholloPochollo

    Problem might be your internet connection specific to that gateway, try to sync the timezone to an SNTP server and see if it has internet connection then try the ServersCheck email configuration again
  • Nope, it syncs the time successfully.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Have you checked your firewall for allowing outbound connection for the required ports? Based on your accounts it seems like a network config issue more than the appliance itself.
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