Door Contact sensor


I am wondering if anyone has customized the Door Contact to send notifications of an open door after a set period of time. I read and the contact returns an open or closed state but I only want to know if its open after a few minutes.


  • PocholloPochollo

    I did not do any customization but an alternate solution would be to turn the repeat alarm ON for your door contact sensor. as it sends another alert after 5 mins if the door remains OPEN or what ever alert you placed. issue with this solution is you might get spammed if you place the sensor on a door that opens regularly.

    - you might want to check 3rd party SNMP softwares that you can integrate the solution with, In which might have IF/Then alerts .. like if the software gets the alert the first time and after 3 minutes gets the same alert then it sends you an email. If you do find one post it here to help others :)
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