after firmware update on 2 gateways both are not connecting

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good day,

i originally configured two gateways (temperature and sensor gateway v5) at my desk with no issues and tested them for a month to insure they provided us with the information we needed. upon moving them to their final destination, i ran into issues with getting them on the network. at that point we opted to reset them to factory default and start form scratch.
after the factory reset we no longer see the display coming up and the online and sensor lights just keep on flashing in uni-sync .

please advise as to what we can do from here.


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    See user manual instructions on resetting. You need to upgrade to latest firmware in order to get the firmware with OLED running
  • ops_livedriveops_livedrive
    thank you, the issue was that after the reset i could no longer get to the gateway. i was able to find a post that highlighted that. my colleague pinged the sensor gateway default name and was able to get the gateway ip from that.

    we have updated firmware, and on track for try 2.

    thank you
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    You can also get the IP from the Sensor Discovery tool as highlighted in the manual and as available from the download section
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