Devices showing No sensor data found for this device

Devices that have been active for over a year are showing No sensor data found for this device.

This happened last week with Sensor 5. We removed it and had to readd it. Now its going on with Sensor 3.

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  • GregServerscheckGregServerscheck
    We are not able to investigate an old Sensor 5 because it was removed.
    From logs it looks like Sensor 3 is receiving temperature updates from the device.

    Could you give us little bit more details what exactly is going on with Sensor 3 right now?

    Best Regards,
  • pat.colellapat.colella
    Hey Greg,

    The Web Inteface is not showing any data. When clicking on Sensor 3 it showsing No Sensor Data Found for This Device.

  • GregServerscheckGregServerscheck
    Just to update you:
    As I said previously data from Sensor 3 is constantly updating and it's stored in database.
    It looks like we have some strange problem with our infrastructure provider and for your specific DeviceID it's not returning results.

    I'll keep you updated.

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