Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Installation (maximum cable limit issue)

hello all,
i need to install an Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor at my client's site and the issue is that the Datacentre where the Sensor Gateway is located is on floor 11 and the Generator where i need to install this sensor is in the basement. thus bringing the total cable length to approximately 160 meters. as per technical specs on the site the maximum allowed length is 10m/33ft.

not all clients have their generators very near their server room or data center.

i need assistance to find a workaround to install the fuel level sensor at my client's site.

Kindly help me.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    You can run a CAT6 cable from your PoE switch over that length to the base unit. The base unit will need to be within that 10m range of the fuel tank.
  • scitanzaniascitanzania
    Thank you Admin
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