sensor gateway capable of 802.1x or it can broadcast its mac address?

hi all we have inquiry if the sensor gateway are capable of 802.1x. or if there is a way for the sensor gateway to broadcast its MAC Address, which is needed for authentication in Network Access Control (NAC)


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    See user manual page 7
  • 3nc0d3r3nc0d3r
    hi admin,

    can the sensor gateway support 802.1x and broadcast its mac address?
  • PocholloPochollo

    The user manual as per admin will guide you how to get the Mac Address of the gateway in which you can whitelist on your router/switch.
  • 3nc0d3r3nc0d3r

    when using the serverscheck discovery tool it will show the devices connected but when it put in the Network Access Control(NAC) it doesnt show any serverscheck sensor gateway.

    Here's the scenario with our client. Hope this will help.

    Our client implemented NAC or Network Access Control to secure all the ports in the network from unauthorized access. For devices not capable of 802.1x, MAC address is obtained and will be whitelisted NAC. However, the Sensor Gateway cannot broadcast their MAC address and NAC has no way to authenticate those. This results to the base unit being rejected from the network, which will also be an issue once it start the integration with PRTG
  • SchmittSchmitt
    Hello Ghep,

    Just a quick check from Wiki

    It's some kind of authentication protocol for which may require special encryption method. I think SGW FW can't support this feature.
  • 3nc0d3r3nc0d3r
    Hi Schmitt,

    Thank you for the info.

    hi admin,

    do we have a way to broadcast the mac address of sensor gateway to be able to access and put in the white list of NAC.

  • adminadmin
    Hi Ghep,

    If you whitelist the MAC addresses of your gateway going to your switch/router you shouldn't have any issues. As the MAC address is immediately sent to your switch once it is connected, if you mean to say that the gateway would broadcast its MAC not only to the switch/router it is connected but to the whole network then you will need a network specialist to configure your switch. Also please contact your NAC solutions provider for you to get other options as there are easier means to whitelist devices depending on the Solutions Provider.
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