Only 2 of 3 Temperatures reporting to cloud

Device has been in use since 2014, and all three temps have been successfully reported to cloud. No changes have been made yet suddenly only two devices are reporting to the cloud, one internal and one external.

The both external and the internal report successfully on the screen and on the devices local webpage so why is it suddenly not reporting in cloud?

See images attached for successful temp collection and correct cloud settings




  • PocholloPochollo

    Try to delete and re-add your device.
  • ChrisChris


    Try to delete and re-add your device.

    This was done twice with no success
  • ChrisChris
    The sensor cloud is still only reporting two of three temperatures after fully readding the gateway, I have updated to a new device ID and still the issue continues
  • adminadmin

    We have forwarded your concern over to our Technical team to have it checked. This might be a possible bug in our system.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    edited October 2018
    A bug was identified in the back-end database architecture that would limit the data being returned. This has been fixed. No data was lost.
  • ChrisChris
    thank you
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