Anyone successfully deployed dust sensor?

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No matter where I install it in pretty dusty labs it shows dead 0 as if it is super clean air. I am curious if anyone using it successfully so perhaps could share an experience.


  • PocholloPochollo

    Try to blow dust into the device and see if you get any change in reading.. make sure you have someone checking the sersorgateway/ webserver if there are any changes in value.. if none then it is possible that you have a faulty unit.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    mariusp make sure that there is sufficient airflow going through the sensor since it is an optical dust sensor measuring the dust particles going through it. If you don't have any or barely any air circulation then it won't be able to detect any dust. The sensor is designed for data centers and other equipment rooms where there is a lot of air circulation hence enabling the sensor to detect dust particles.
  • mariuspmariusp
    How is "sufficient airflow" defined? I have placed sensor right next to the fan of the network switch and it still shows dead 0. Switch is in messy and dusty lab but sensor does not seem to be able to detect that.

    I have sent it in once for repair but it was returned telling it works fine.

    Posting this I wanted to see if there is anyone using it successfully in their environments and could give some tips. Considering there is no reply I guess nobody is using it.

    So far, for us dust sensor is useless as it doesn't detect anything.
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