Problem upgrading to Release 1.3

I've tried 4 times. The upgrade goes fine, but after the reboot, all I can see is the RJ-45 lights flicker as if its trying to restart, over and over. Nothing works until I do the factory reset. I've downloaded 3 times to make sure it a good file.

Hardware Version : Release 2.0
Firmmware Version : Release 1.2
Interface Type : RS232
Product Name : Temperature & SensorGateway
Product ID : SC-TS01

I'm using FACTORY_rev_1.30.BIN for HW version 2.

Any ideas?


  • PocholloPochollo
    Hi mate,

    It might be a hardware problem already (wear and tear). it happened to one of my old device and after trying the same troubleshooting you did. I ended up replacing it with a new gateway since I need the newer sensors they released. I hope someone could still resolve the issue though.
  • ChangeordersChangeorders
    Sounds like the plan. Thanks.
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