Greater than/Less than not working on Monitoring Software v14.4.0


Upon using the new version of Monitoring Software v14.4.0, the greater than/less than feature on Alert Levels.
How to configure this?

Thank you


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    See user manual on instructions to configure alert levels.
  • JoemSevillaJoemSevilla
    We already followed the user manual, but it seems, we still can't save the configuration of Alerts.
  • PocholloPochollo
    You might need to do a reinstallation of the software. are you using an appliance or are you using the free version?
  • JoemSevillaJoemSevilla
    Free version as of now, tried to reinstall. Still same output.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    the Monitoring Software is only free for personal and non-commercial use. Please uninstall software or purchase a license to comply with license agreement.
  • JoemSevillaJoemSevilla
    We cannot use the Greater than/Less than feature of threshold if we are using free software? Because that's the problem we encounter.
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