Error in temperature sensor readings

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I have now got the temperature sensors working on all servers. I needed to edit the lines of serverscheck.conf manually - and will need to do the same for all future changes to rules. When a rule is saved it overwrites the line of that rule and has to be manually edited.

On a different point but related to sensors:-

I have another error and think that one of my sensors is defective. The error is:-

Sensor ST6105J (COM1) - reading results on # Tue Aug 22 13:54:17 2006 :

Error: °C Timed °F

can I carry on in this thread or should I start another??


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    There is a 3 step way to test it:

    1/ Try a different cable. If now works, then the cable is the problem. Replacement cables can be purchased.

    2/ If not, then try a different sensor. If the last one works, then it is related to the sensor.

    3/ If not, then try a different PC. If that works, then the PC is the cause

    All sensors carry a one year warranty except for damages related to uncareful handling of the equipment.
  • PhilHPhilH
    I'll do these test and let you know thw outcome in due course.
  • Apologies for delay.

    Have now tried the sensor on 3 PC/Servers with the same result perhaps suggesting that it is faulty.
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    Please provide feedback on tests 1, 2 and 3

    We need that information to determine what is the cause.
  • This isn't really feasible as all of the sensors are distibuted across the country some as far as 300km apart.

    I have no spare cables or sensors so to carry out these tests I would have to stop monitoring one of our server rooms for at least 2 days.

    Would a total replacement not be possible??
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    A total replacement is possible.

    However I want to avoid that unnecessary costs are billed to you.

    If the issue is the cable, then a replacement cable and shipping fees will be billed.

    If the issue is the sensor, then this is under warranty.

    You can contact our sales departement to obtain your RMA number and the procedure to follow.
  • It will be easier to do this.

    Many thanks
  • I have now resolved this issue.

    I exchanged the sensor with that on another machine. Before attaching them i reinstalled the agent on both machines. Now both are working fine.

    Many thanks for your help in this matter.
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