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When I try to search for new devices I get the error "No Devices were found".



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    Network scanning is when you use the software for monitoring your network.

    As I understand it, you use it for temperature monitoring only. As such you just need to add a temperature check and select "serial" as method of connection
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    Yes, I just need to add a temperature check sensor.

    What is the standard procedure to install the sensor?
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    You should have received a user manual with the sensor.

    In 2 words:

    1/ Attach the sensor to the serial port of the computer running the ServersCheck Monitoring Software

    2/ Create a temperature check with "Serial" as method of connection

    3/ Enter the serial port it is connected to

    4/ Click save serttings

    5/ Press the green start button (if it is not already running)
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    Following also describes how to configure it:
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