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Hey all

I Have the Serverscheck running with a Temperature Sensor on a W2003 ent. edt. server SP1

My problem is that even though I can configure the Service (with the tool) correctly, the system stops monitoring when I log of.

I have tried both to have the service run as Local System and Domain Admin but no luck.

If I run the Serverscheck program and leave it open and just disconnect my session it runs perfectly. But I was under the impression that using the service should enable me to continuously monitor via my Serverschek rules..


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    Go to the Windows Services console, make sure that the "ServersCheck Monitoring Service" is set to automatic.

    I assume that you are not referring to the Web Server. if so, then please see help file: the web server is running from a different service called the "ServersCheck Configuration Service". Make sure that this service is running if you want web access.
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