Problem with Temperature Sensor

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I have installed the newest Version. But I have since weeks the same problem. The sensor reports 'unable to open com1' after 10 minutes. after some hours it works for 10 minutes and so on. what can I do?


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    Can you try it on a different computer?

    I see that you purchased the sensor 7 months ago. This is only happening since weeks?

    It seems that something running on the PC is interferring with the temperature sensor

  • wolfchwolfch
    I tried it on several machines in the last months. The machine is running Windows 2003 and nothing else. Its dedicated for the temperature sensor.
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    If indeed you have tried it on several systems, then it is possibly the sensor or the cable.

    The sensor comes with one year warranty (not the cables) You can return the sensor and cable to us for repair.

    We will check it on a test system. There are 3 possible scenario's:

    - if it works on the test system then it is returned to you and then it is related to your system (but I don't think that will be the case as you said that you tested it on a different machine)

    - if it is the cable, then a replacement cable has to be purchased

    - if it is the sensor, then then it will be replaced.
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    Here is the RMA procedure for returning a product for repair. The RMA number assigned to you is 2006122701


    - The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # must be clearly displayed on the outside of the return package.

    - All products have to be returned to our main facility located in Belgium, Europe:

    ServersCheck BVBA

    Attn: Receiving

    Ter Elstlaan 2

    3001 HEVERLEE


    - Return the product with all shipping and duty fees paid.

    - Returned products must be complete of ALL components (sensor, cables, device servers, etc.) that comprised the original shipment.

    ServersCheck suggests that you return the package with a shipping carrier that has a reliable tracking system as ServersCheck is not responsible for lost or misdirected returns. Shipments that require shipping fees or duty fees to be paid will be refused by ServersCheck.
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