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I have a problem with the sensor. when run sensorcheck -L test.log -C COM 1 the result is:

Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code.


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    A few questions:

    1/ Do you have .NET installed?

    2/ To what serial COM port is the sensor attached
  • massimomassimo
    .net is installed and the com port is the com1
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    Set the connection option of the sensor to "USB" in the software, then set the COM port to COM1.

    Click on "TEST" settings and reply the result.

    The issue is either due to your .NET install or to the COM port not available.

    The reason why I would like to set it to USB is that it uses a different connection algorithm.
  • massimomassimo
    after set the sensor to usb and then set the sensor to com 1. the test response is.

    Verifica Impostazioni


    La verifica è stata eseguita.

    Stato: DOWN?

    Errore ritornato: Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code.

    Cliccare qui per i più comuni messaggi di errore e per trucchi di impostazione.

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    That is not possible. When it is set to USB it does not use the .NET component.

    Please open your serverscheck.conf file and copy paste the line starting with TEMPERATURE as a reply
  • massimomassimo
    TEMPERATURE|X|1178807954|X|3|X|180|X||X||X||X|true|X|true|X||X||X||X||X||X|ST6105C<X>COM1<X><X><X>Serial<X>|X||X|98|X|yes|X|180|X||X||X|On each status change|X||X||X||X||X||X|<X>|X||X|yes|X|<X><X><X>|X|<X><X>|X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X|false|X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X||X|TEMPERATURE|X|<X><X><X><X><X><X>|X||X|
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    Setting is still "serial" not USB.

    I assume you have not saved the settings first. So please change to USB, save settings and then open the rule again to do the Test Settings.
  • massimomassimo
    Now the test setting pass without error.

    it's all ok?
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    It is a .NET issue then on your system. You can keep the configuration like that.
  • massimomassimo
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