Problem with Networked Temp Sensor

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I need help with initial setup.

I followed the Quick Installation Guide-Networked Sensor to the letter. When configuring the ServersCheck Montoring Software for sensor communication at the stsep where you set the temperature settings, I click on the "Test Settings" button and receive the following error:

Status: DOWN?

Error returned: Value could not be retrieved from sensor

Can anyone help?


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    What type of sensor connection do you have? With that info I can send you a command to debug to get additional info.
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    We purchased the Temp/Humidity Sensors with the DS202-01
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    Forgot to add that the sensors are networked (RJ45)
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    I assume that you have selected the correct sensor ("Temperature/Humidity Sensor" and not "Temperature Sensor" from the drop down list).

    If so, then enter following in the command prompt (in the agents subdirectory):

    sensor_check -L log.txt -C TCP IP:3001

    It will generate a file called log.txt; open it and reply with the output.
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    For one sensor, selected the wrong sensor in the drop down. Thanks.

    On our 2nd sensor, we are receiving the following:

    Status: DOWN?

    Error returned: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
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    1 sensor works now correct?

    For the second sensor, I assume that DS202 settings are 100% identical compared to the first one.

    If so, is there a firewall in between that could block port 3001?
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    Ran the sensor check tool and received the following:

    C:Program FilesServersCheck_Monitoringagents>sensor_check -L log.txt -C TCP

    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
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    Sensors are working properly now. Thanks.

    With regards to ServersCheck, when we select "Start Monitoring", the server seems to hang. What is the normal wait time for the server to report back that monitoring has started?
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    Usually a matter of seconds.

    Start the service from the Windows Service Manager.

    The service is called "ServersCheck Monitoring"

    Have you performed an upgrade of the software or directly installed it off the web?
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    We did a direct install from the web. We are running 7.1.0. Is there a newer version?
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    No that is the latest one. What happens when you start the service from the Windows Service Manager?
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