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We have been receiving DOWN? conditions on our temp/humidity sensors and the error reports: Timeout has occurred.

We have reset the Device Servers and unplugged and reconnected the temp/humidity sensors multiple times.

ServersCheck monitor shows the sensors as "Down". When configuring the monitoring rule and clicking on "Test Settings", the condition of the sensor is reported as "DOWN?" and Timeout has occurred.

Can you help?


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    Timeout error means that the software is unable to communicate with the sensor.

    If you have multiple sensors, then try to switch between them to see if it is a cable or sensor issue.

    You could also attach the sensor to a serial port on your PC and check if that works. If so, then the issue is your device server. Verify then the settings of your device server.

    If the problem persists, then you can contact our sales team to return them for check and repair. If under warranty and the issue is the sensor, then a replacement unit will be provided for.

    Cables are not covered by the warranty (only sensor and device servers).
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