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We can't seem to get the email alerts working.

"ZH-bgl-ex2" is out smtp, however when we do the test settings we get nothing!


  • zaha-hadidzaha-hadid
    sorry, just in case you wanted this:

    Test email was sent


    WARNING: ServersCheck was unable to perform a TCP check on port 25 (SMTP port) to a test server. This may indicate that a local firewall on the PC hosting the software or elsewhere in your network may prevent ServersCheck from sending out emails. If you intend to use a mail server that is in your local network, then you may ignore this message.

    Please find below the results of the test:

    # Sending SMTP alert to

    # Using external mail server zh-bgl-ex2

    # Send failed:

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    The test indicates that the software could not connect on port 25 to an outside test mail server. This often indicates that either a local firewall or antivirus software is blocking the outgoing mail port.

    You can also run the alerting module in debug mode by simulating an error and then looking at the information displayed on screen and in the debug file:
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