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We are running ServersCheck 7.5.4 and DS Manager - V3.9.82 with the DS202 for one temp/humidity sensor. We also have an older temp only sensor that has a different device server.

The DS202 reports quite a few timeout errors (currently 50 checks with 30 down). I have set the timeout to 2 mins, disabled, 1 min, and 3-10 minutes but we continue to have timeout errors. I currently have the checks set to every minute, however we still receive a lot of timeout errors. On the older sensor/device server we never have this issue.


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    Please put here all the settings of the DS202 and the settings of the rule itself.

    Can you also clarify how you are running 7.5.4 as you did purchase 6.10.X Sensor edition without upgrades.
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