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I have a version 6.10.x license file and I cannot find the software that we downloaded before. We have had to rebuild our server and when I use my old license file with the 7.10.x version it says I have the std. version instead of the sensor version. Can I download the old software from somewhere or can I get an updated license file?


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    License files only work for the version they have been issued for.

    Older versions are not made available for download mainly due to third party licensing restrictions.

    Customers have the option upon purchase to order the software on a CD. If you have not opted for this and if you do not have a software license including upgrades, then you are responsible for making a backup as per instructions in the email with the license key.

    You can always purchase an upgrade license to 7.10 For that please contact our sales department using one of the forms in the contact section of this website.
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