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is it possible to give me further information regarding room temperature

1. how much difference of temperature b4 moisture starts.( variation)?

2. what is the ideal temperature inside and outside the rack?

3. is it alright that the back panel of the rack open and let the swinging cold temperature come in from an aircondition.?

4. is there a standard ( ISO___ or ? ) regarding temeprature and humidity of an equipment room. ( Computer, CCTV, Telephone Distribution Frame, Electronic equiment )?


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    1. Humidity should be monitored regardless of the temperature as temperature does not have a direct influence on humidity as such in a computer room.

    As per our website, humidity should be between 40% to 60%

    2. Ideal ambient temperature in a server room is about 20°-23° but this very much depends on the nature of the equipment in the room

    Inside the rack simple physics apply along with manuals from equipment manufacturers. Most state that the maximum temperature is around 40°C. Simple physics learns that hot air climbs (so top of rack will be hottest - provided cold air flow does not come from top) and at the back

    3. This is something you need to check with the building as there is no generic rule for that.

    4. No there is no such standard. Just best practices as published on our website

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