Fake temp Down Alert

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We bought environment control sensor version of ServersCheck and been running from last couple months. I received a message say (TEMPERATURE Thu May 29 08:31:16 2008 OK DOWN 59.36 UNKNOWN) and when I personally check the server room temp, its running fine. Please contact me back to resolve this issue


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    This can have multiple reasons. For example temporary power problem on USB port (if you have a USB sensor version), temporary network problem if you have a Networked version.

    When you click on TEST SETTINGS, what result does it return for that monitor?

    What are the settings of your sensors:

    - retry interval?

    - retries?

    - retry interval when down?

  • ssingh135ssingh135
    When I click on Test Settings, It doesn't give any results, it keep going into loop.

    The settings of the sensors are follows:

    retry interval = 5 sec

    Retries = 120 sec

    Retries when down = 120 Sec

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    The settings are not per manual instructions. Make sure you set them as per manual:

    retry interval : 120 sec (min)

    retries: 3

    retry interval when down: 120 sec

    What do you mean with it keeps getting into a loop? The TEST SETTINGS should open a new window

    Can you please disconnect the sensor and reboot the server and then reconnect the sensor?
  • ssingh135ssingh135
    I changed the intervel settings as you directed and power cycle the sensor, its still not fixed.

    Temp in room is okay.

    I checked email notification , that is working fine.

    when ever i try to test the settings, its keep doing something and doesn't give me any results.
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    Stop the ServersCheck Monitoring Service and running following command from the agents subdirectory:

    sensor_check -L log.txt -C COM 9

    Replace 9 with the actual com port

    Reply with the output being returned.

    Send screen captures of the test settings and settings to sensorsupport@serverscheck.com - attn Eric.
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