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We have purchased the Sensor Temperature/Humidity Network DS202

Connected in LAN and follwed instruction to configure it with a static address port 3001

We are using Serverscheck 7.10.1 version Enterprise MX1

Checks does not work. Message is Timeout has occured.

We can ping the sensor from the Serverscheck.

.net framework 2.0 installed

log.txt said only : "Timeout has occured"

Please Help


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    As per user manual you need to have .NET 1.1 installed / not .NET 2.0

  • DiegoDiego
    Done, but even with .net 1.1 we get same error.

    Timeout has occurred
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    From the command prompt, run following command in the /agents subdirectory

    sensor_check -L log.txt -C TCP X.X.X.X:3001

    I assume that port 3001 is open to the sensor and that no firewall is blocking it

    Replace X.X.X.X with the IP address of the Tibbo device
  • DiegoDiego
    log.txt says only:

    Timeout has occurred
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    What's show in the display?

    Is port 3001 open to the device server?

    The time out error seems to indicate that something between PC and device server is blocking communications over port 3001

    Typically this is a local firewall or antivirus software
  • DiegoDiego
    Antivirus or Firewall are disabled.

    Nothing seems to be blocking.

    The sensor_check only display message:

    Timeout has occured

    nothing else
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    When you do a TCP check on port 3001 of the device server do you get a reply?

    If not, then probably the device server is configured to run on port 3001.
  • DiegoDiego
    Performing a TCP check on the 3001 port of the sensor i receive an OK status.

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    OK so it can communicate with the device server.

    What are the settings of the device server? Baudrate etc...
  • DiegoDiego
    See the configuration.

    my question is what does serial port configurations need if this is a Network sensor? We have powered by power supply

    Port 3001

    Registration DNS 0

    Auto registration link serve 0

    PPPOE mode 0

    connection timeout 5

    Transport protocol TCP

    link service login 0

    inband commands 0

    data login 0

    routing mode 0

    accept connection from 0 Any IP addrss

    notification destination 0 last port

    Boudrate is 1200

    parity none

    data bits 8

    rtcs disabled

    dtr mode idle or remote

    power_up DTR state : LOW

    serial interface: Automatic

    max packet lenght 255

    Max Intercharacter delay 1

    Start on any char 1 yes

    use star character 0 No

    star character Ascci code 0

    stop character 0

    number of post character 0
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    With the device server, serial based communications is done over ethernet making the sensors tcp/ip enabled through our own protocol.

    All settings seem correct.

    It could be that the sensor is defect or the cable to the sensor. If you purchased through a reseller, then please contact the reseller for a product return under warranty (for purchases less than 1 year ago). If you purchased from us directly, then please contact ServersCheck sales.
  • DiegoDiego
    OK thanks.
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