Wireless Sensor not connecting to wireless hub


I am facing issues setting up the wireless Sensor i.e its not connecting to wireless hub. have followed the instruction on the Wireless info Page

1. click enable under permit new wireless device.
2. Press the button on the wireless sensor for 4 consecutive times within 5 sec (duration between pressing must be 1 sec)
3. LED on the sensor should blink twice
* 1st blink is after a successful connection
* 2nd blink is after a successful sending of data
4. wireless sensor values should appear within 1-2 min on the wireless information page.

But after numerous attempts this has not worked for me.

Thank and Appreciate any help.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Make sure to provide the firmware version that you're using so that other users know what you have. Also make sure that there is no 2.4Ghz Wifi in operation as Wifi interferes with Zigbee.
  • TelecomTelecom
    Thx, The firmware version is is 7.50. have checked and no other Wifi Interferes.
  • TelecomTelecom
    Ok, work colleague found solution, basically to register the sensor you have to press the button 4 times quickly. with close to or less 0.5 milliseconds pause between each press.
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