DHCP IP lost at times

For some reason if the device can't find an ip within a certain time frame it defaults to the first static ip that was set, even if you changed statics several times before. Device is on DHCP and sometimes if the device loses power or at random times i notice that the old static is back on the display instead of the dhcp address. This causes issues because then it doesn't connect back to keep me alerted of failures.



  • MichaelMelder88

    This could be an issue with your DHCP server/router. Have you tried configuring the sensorgateway using a manually set IP address in the sensor gateways web interface under wired network settings? This can solve the problem of the device losing it's IP address when it reconnects/loses power.

    Also, if your router has DHCP reservation, you can also set it up in it's DHCP reservation list so everytime the same device connects(sensorgateway), it will assign the ip address that you entered based on it's mac id. Be careful though on assigning static IP's and be sure that no other device in your network is using that IP address.
  • MichaelMelder88MichaelMelder88
    My wifi router has to have the device grab a dhcp when it first starts up. A downfall of the router i am using. But i did set up the dhcp reservation for it and it will grab that every time when i manually power cycle it. Problem is it randomly reboots by itself and then it doesn't grab it for some odd reason. or the wifi router is rebooting and somehow the device is losing its dhcp and then it tries to manually set back the old static that used to be in there. But to my point is it is driving me nuts, because i can't figure out why it is doing what it is doing and what is causing it. I even stuck a battery backup on the unit to keep power on it and yet it will still not stop restarting and loosing the dhcp.
  • PocholloPochollo

    The problem might be with your router in regards giving an IP address, Now regarding the gateway restarting randomly .. is it powered via POE? or does it have a power adapter.

    what sensors are connected to the gateway? and how often does it power off? is it constant?

    because base on your reply, your router randomly restarts as well which might cause the gateway to restart. as when the router is turned ON and you manually restart the gateway it gets the same IP.

    do you have another router you can try and test?
  • MichaelMelder88MichaelMelder88
    unfortunately i do not have another router that one was specifically ordered for that setup. I know the gateway doesn't wait long enough for a dhcp before it sets itself tot he old static ip. which i figured was the problem all along, but i can't mess with the timeout setting. maybe a future update will allow me too.

    only the power sensor is connected to it. and it is powered by a power adapter. it is more random when it does reboot, no set date every time.
  • PocholloPochollo
    then michael unfortunately its the router having the problem here, as base on the details you mentioned the connection set up is router then gateway powered via POE then gateway has the power failure sensor which in turn has the power adapter connected. so basically once the router restarts it will restart the gateway as it is powered via routers POE.

    And the only time the gateway would set itself to its default IP is when it cant get a DHCP address.

    I would suggest that you go for fixed IP settings (Configure the IP of the gateway on the same subnet as your network and reserve that IP specifically for the gateway) and make sure your gateway is up to date with the latest firmware.

    Hope this helps!
  • MichaelMelder88MichaelMelder88
    sorry if you miss understood me. the router and gateway are plugged into an electrical outlet, not ran by poe. but if something is causing the power to drop and the devices are restarting, the gateway isn't set to have a long enough wait for dhcp time and then causing it to set back to default. It might work properly if i could get the gateway to set it self to the same address the dhcp would generally offer, but can't get the stupid thing to change the saved static.
  • PocholloPochollo
    ohh I thought you had a power sensor , basically to set the IP address of the gateway if that is what you need just go to its GUI (webserver) then under network settings choose "FIXED" instead of DHCP then if for example your DHCP network subnet is at .. then set the fixed IP as .. then reserve on your router onto the gateways MAC address. this way it gets that same IP address even if it restarts.

    to know more detail about network settings you can check it through the user manual

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